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"When I created the Turtle Follower, I wanted to develop a site I wished existed when I started trading.  Something simple and clean, but also something that was clear and concise in it's process. I think I've succeeded in doing so and everyone is benefiting from it."

Steve LeMoine - Founder and Head Trader

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Jerry M., Premium Member

Steve, I am a new member. Really like the nightly videos. I have been following Boorman via twitter for some time now and I believe he recommended you as a follow. I took a course back in early 2014 that taught me a lot of the basics and relied heavily on fibonnacci. I like the trend trading better because you open and exit next day and I dont have to watch all day. Also, I am nearing retirement and really like the trades that have decent yields. Thanks again.

Raymond G., Premium Member

The first thing I would like to say is a big thank you, I am learning the most important lesson that is to be disciplined and patient in my trading. I am up over £2000 in a month following you and find that I am trading less and in a more organised manner. I particularly find the 1 or 1/2 percent position size/risk a great help in position sizing. Of the stocks I have taken up on your suggestion only ebay is in the red so well done. I have tried Harry Boxer, Jim Cramer, Dan Fitzpatrick and Jason Bond and I wish I had found you first.

Jon Boorman, Alpha Capture

You should be following Steve, a great market technician and trend follower

Andy L., Premium Member

Watching Steve's daily process and discipline has been a  great help to me in developing and furthering my own investment process and routines.

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