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A Trend Following Education

Trend Following is a simplified method of trading stocks that relies on Price and Trends to enter and exit stock positions using technical analysis and stock charts. Gone are the days of pouring through company balance sheets and analyst recommendations.

If you are new to Trend Following and/or the Stock Market itself, you have come to the right place.  I am here to Educate you on the simple process of trend following, something I call the Turtle Follower Trading System. Learn how to effectively execute the trading system and manage trades with exact entry and exit price levels.  No more guess work of when to enter or exit a position but instead a systematic approach where the stock price dictates all actions.  So Stop Predicting and Start Reacting.

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    Technical Analysis 101

    Learn the Basics and Start Trading Like a Pro

Did You Know A Trader Can Have A Win Percentage Well Over 50% and Still Lose Money?

How You Ask? Position Sizing and Trade Management Are Key. Learn How to Avoid These Common Mistakes!

Develop A Successful Trading System for Any Market Conditions or Lifestyle

Learn How to Make the Right Decisions at the Right Time. No Predictions Needed!

  • Part-Time Trading

    Everyone has a million things to do and the last thing you need is to add something else to your “to-do” list.  The Turtle Follower Trading System has been developed to be successful in a part-time capacity.  Trades can be placed after the market closes and executed at the next morning’s open.  All entries and exits are triggered based on closing prices so you don’t have to be tied to the computer.

  • Price is KING!

    On any given day there are multiple news reports, analyst upgrades/downgrades, earnings reports and other market moving events that make it difficult to stay on the right side of the trade.  The Turtle Follower Trading System relies on price action only to remove these distractions and execute trades effectively and efficiently. Everything you need is already on your stock chart.

  • Catch the Middle

    Trying to catch the bottom or top of a stocks trend is a fools game.  Ever hear of death by a thousand paper cuts? How about waiting for an established trend to develop and catching the middle of the move? The Turtle Follower Trading System won’t catch the bottom or exit at the top, but it will get a nice chunk in the middle.

  • Longer Term Outlook

    The Turtle Follower Trading System is a medium to long term system. Having a longer term outlook on a stock greatly reduces the “noise” and allows you to ride the trend more effectively. The shorter the time frame the move movement a stock will have and most likely your emotions will take over. Trading on emotions usually ends in disaster.